Our Heritage,

… comes from as far as 1929, when the role of an innkeeper together with the female condition were not really blended.  It wasn't until María Antonia García decided to try and hire a house in General Mola, street.

The building had a tavern downstairs and some rooms upstairs for hiring.  Then Maria Antonia dies, and her daughter Emilia takes the business into her hands.  The inn becomes one of the most outstanding hotels in Trujillo.  Then her sister Magdalena joins, who had already managed another outstanding hotel in town: La Fonda Madrid.  Both sisters worked hard for years.

It was with a lot of effort and dedication that the name of the hotel became popular outside of the region.  In the early fifties, Magalena has to leave, and the business is all in hands of her sister Emilia.  Emilia didn't get overwhelmed by her sister's departure.  Far from that, she grew in experience and imagination to make changes, in order to bring La Emilia nowadays and become one of the most popular places in Trujillo.

But you don't have to beleive what you are reading, just come and see – just as our tipical song says –  we don't fool anybody here.  We will be happy to help you.

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